Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boris Pasternak | Doctor Zhivago | 1957

Dear Yurii Andreievich,

It’s been too long! So many cold winters, an endless barrage of battles—family life has really taken a back seat, hasn’t it?

Listen, I’m heading up to Varykino soon and hoped you might want to keep me company in the sled. Think about it—snow drifts, wild wolves, distant memories of what was and shall never again be. Sounds breathtaking, no?

When we get there, we’ll light a fire, open a bottle, have some laughs. You could read some poems if you want. I don’t mind. And if the ol’ balalaika’s still laying around, I might pick out a note or two. What do you say?

Also, could you take a look at this corn on my left foot when you get the chance? Hardly a war wound, but the little bugger chafes in the boot something awful. You study any podiatry?

Looking forward to the sleigh ride. It’s all about the journey.


P.S. That Lara sure was a looker, huh? You two ever hook up?