Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gail Carson Levine | Ella Enchanted | 1997

Dearest Char,

I may not be as witty as Ella in this letters, but I am writing to reveal a secret I think it only fair you learn. I must be frank; just as you have loved Ella since you first saw her at Lady Eleanor's funeral, I have loved you. You captured my heart when I was far too young to marry at the age of seven. I have revisited this love frequently throughout my life, and actually find it quite unfair that I am unable to let you go. You have set an exceptionally high standard for the men in my life. It is not your wealth nor your title that swept me off my feet, but your goodness, your humor, your bravery, your chivalry, and your patience. If I would have received your love letter, I do not think I would have had the strength to sacrifice being with you as Ella did. I just hope someday I too will meet a wonderful man who enjoys sliding down stair rails as much as you do.

Your devout fan,