Monday, May 24, 2010

Lewis Carroll | Alice's Adventures in Wonderland | 1865

Dear Alice,

I'm not quite sure if you can read this well yet, so I'm hoping that someone will be kind enough to read this to you if you can't. I just wanted to let you know that I truly believe your tales of Wonderland. All the other grown-ups refuse to believe you, I know, but I do. I believe you. I know in my heart that the Cheshire Cat, The Mad Hatter, and everyone else really exist, even that nasty Queen of Hearts. I'd love for you to take me down into that rabbit hole you found so I can meet all of your wonderful friends. And don’t worry, I'll protect you if the queen comes around. I'll be sure to bring some sedatives to knock sandwiches and tea to make her happy again. Thank you very much, miss Alice.

Eagerly awaiting your reply and wishing you your best,
Alyssa Finnegan,