Monday, May 24, 2010

C.D. Payne | Youth In Revolt | 1993

Dear Nick Twisp,

I'm truly in love with you. I've always found the respect and love you treated Sheeni Saunders with, although she treated you horribly, to be so lovely.

I've always wondered what happened to you after Sheeni left, and how you were in jail. I hope you did not continue to live as a woman, seeing as Carlotta was your only good female character. I very much think you should have gone into acting rather than juggling, but it seems that you were very successful. Your younger brother interested me a bit, but not as much as you ever did. You're always going to be in my heart as my favorite underachiever. Once again, my darling Twisp (and not Rick) I will always love you.

Dara Brown