Monday, May 24, 2010

Stephen King | The Stand | 1978

Dear Mother Abigail,

I feel compelled to write, as I know of no other way to reach you. The others--Stu, Frannie, Larry --have told me of you, and how they have visited you in their dreams. I must admit I am troubled as to why I have not dreamt of you myself, and the tall cornfields they say surround your house. Did I do something wrong?

Randall has told me I must follow Stu and the others, but not to contact you directly. Although I am scared of what he may do to me if he finds out I have written this letter, something, some higher power, is telling me I must. I hope this will not make Randall too cross; he does have a hot temper!

They say you are very old, and my father, God rest his soul, said all old people are very wise. I am sure you will know what to do.

Hoping to see you in my dreams,
Ellie Garratt