Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Richard Scarry | Cars and Trucks and Things That Go | 1974

Dear Lowly Worm,

We've never met, but I'm a big fan of yours and wanted to seek your advice. I'm looking to purchase a new car, and for a while I've admired your little four-wheeled apple number. At first I wanted a hybrid, perhaps a Prius, but considering Toyota's recent troubles, and all the toxic material that goes into those batteries, I began fishing around for an alternative. Then it hit me...Apple Car! Compact, nutritious, and still in a sporty red (or Eco Conscious Granny Smith, should I so choose).

Still, I have a few questions for you. How's the handling? I see that the wheelbase is rather compact, but the apple itself is kind of tall. Any balance issues I should be aware of?

Also, what aerodynamic properties does that leaf on the car's roof afford? Does is function as a spoiler, or is it mostly cosmetic? Can it be used to increase cell phone reception?

Are the chassis and body organic? I'm really into organic these days, and local if possible, though I understand that most apple cars are made in Argentina. Such a shame.

Finally, how does it fare with the ladies? Because at first glance it's kind of emasculating, like that Smart Car. But you're a man of style, what with the feather in your cap, and that dope Brooklyn bowtie, and I figure you get all sorts of hipster worm tail. Am I wrong bro?

Safe Driving,
David Sax