Monday, May 24, 2010

Samel Richardson | Pamela | 1740

Dear Pamela,

You may wonder why I have not written you for a few weeks, after I was clear to you about my intentions and you responded in kind. For to be sure, now it is too clear, that you do not have the same interest in the matters of the bedchamber as I do. Oh my lovely girl! I am desirous of someone who will take receipt of frankly carnal letters from me and write them back in return. But you are honest! I wish it were not so.

I had heard from Mr. B that you were the kind of young woman who would reward a benefactor with a lifting of the petticoats and a lowering of the eyelids. He told me that you were eager to let his wicked vines wrap around you. Of course, in the wake of that, I wrote you eagerly. But though he had insisted, it turned out that you were of a different character entirely, one that resisted overtures and made a monument of your piety. This is a shame and a disgrace.

Drop me a line when you are willing. I know you are able.