Thursday, May 13, 2010

William Shakespeare | Hamlet | 1601

Dear Hamlet,

Our lives first crossed in English AP.
Was it by chance, by fate, or simply serendipity?
Though at first the assignment seemed rather quixotic,
The fire I feel for you is something exotic.

Throughout your capricious bouts of melancholy and rage
I had to contain myself, keep my feelings in cage.
In your climatic tale where everyone thought you bonkers,
I knew that loves like ours could do nothing but conquer.

Fair Ophelia was left despondent, with the absence of your touch,
Polonius sputtered his extemporaneous speeches towards your grandeur and such.
You became reclusive and took to the graveyard
“Slings and Arrows” you proclaimed, and my heart throbbed hard.

As your kingdom dismantled, left for Fortinbras to take
The infinite love that grew between you, me, and the pages, clearly took the cake.

Laura Horstmann