Thursday, May 20, 2010

P.G. Wodehouse | Very Good, Jeeves | 1930

Dear Jeeves,

I read with interest your latest escapade with your troublesome employer, Bertie Wooster. I would suggest these little indiscretions with Mr. Wooster could be made into a delightful volume of entertaining anecdotes. If you would permit me to use our personal correspondence as reference material, I feel I might do justice to the tales and bring them to the printed page.

I did hear of a writer, a Mr. Wodehouse who wrote some quite humorous stories, but as he is no longer with us I feel my close association with you Jeeves could be quite beneficial financially.

Mr Wooster seems like a very lively subject for our future literary endeavours, and I fully understand your involvement in our association be kept anonymous. If you would be willing to supply the details of your involvement in Mr Wooster affairs, I am sure we could be, as the more deserving classes say ‘on a winner’.

Please think Jeeves on my proposal and I do look forward to your further correspondence on this matter.

Kerry Ashwin