Monday, May 17, 2010

Various Authors | The New Testament | A.D. 50

Dear Jesus,

I am not sure if you are classed as a literary character (but as you are written about in many books, you must be) and I am a little concerned about the "fictional" part too. To me you are fictional as in some of the tales that have been told about you. but as an actual person, well I am sure you were real. Strange how stories can get changed over time and what was meant as one thing turns out to be so very different to what was intended.

I would love to have met you just to have an ordinary conversation about ordinary things. I wonder if we met today the conversation would be any different? Perhaps it would be the same kind of topics but in a 2000 years later setting.

To all your family, the ones that you truly know about, I send much love. Family life is never easy. Palestinian life sometimes more difficult than most.

With Best Wishes,
Brenda Abou El Ola