Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Katherine Dunn | Geek Love | 1989

Dear Olympia,

I have been thinking about you lately.

I lost my job recently and I spend most of my afternoons and evenings watching television. You could say it has been a kind of therapy. I’m mostly watching reality shows, you know the kind where everyone backstabs their friends and they end up in fighting matches and turning tables over in public restaurants. I thought it would make me feel better but I was wrong. People are hideous. Oh, they LOOK fine, with their shiny eyes and hair and all, but God, they are grotesque. I know they’re probably getting paid nicely and the attention can’t be beat, but what about dignity?

Oly, if anyone knows, you do, what fame can do to a person and his family. Arty sold his soul. How’s that going for him? You were different. You always had such class about you. You seemed to be able to stand tall even when the world was against you. You, my friend, inspire me. You are beautiful.

I have to go now, my show is on. It’s the one about the “little” couple who own a chocolate shop. Thinking of you.

Elena Montero